Best books for trial lawyers

Here are a handful of the best books of advice for lawyers on how to manage their discovery, settlements, and trials -- to win!

We make suggestions for our clients, and for any lawyer, who has a desire to manage their litigation case load more efficiently, improve their litigation skills, be better in discovery and motions, and win at settlement or trial.

Best trial notebook, proven across the country to work!

A trial notebook is a definite physical object that organizes the attorney for action during the trial, and also for the discovery and motions leading up to the trial. However, the term "trial notebook" also has been used by some authors to indicate a litigator's book of advice or tactics to use during litigation and trial.

This three-volume book is both: Volume 3 of the three volume set is a ready to go trial notebook, with tab dividers and forms set up. It physically organizes the attorney for action during depositions, motions, and trial, Volumes 1 and 2 are hundreds of practical law and tactics (and more forms) to use in discovery and trial, written by a top trial lawyer with hundreds of trial victories to his credit.

This trial notebook, is a proven system, the tool used by some of the best trial lawyers! It's a completely thought-out and organized litigation system.

Best Book of Medical Diagrams and Medical Facts to Use in Discovery and Trial

Originally this text was co-authored by a lawyer and a doctor, who collaborated to produce a true quick reference, with medical diagrams, for attorneys in trial practice. This inexpensive reference was built to target the items that attorneys need to have at hand in the office and in discovery, and in trial preparation. The doctor maintains the supplements, and the book retains its character as a book written with the problems of lawyers in mind.

Best Handbook on Gaining - or Defending - Attorney Fee Awards.

A compact (199 pages including the forms) handbook on attorney fee awards that includes forms and deposition outlines. This tells you what you need to do, from case intake through judgment. Intended to give you the tips and forms about legal fee awards that they did not teach you in law school.

Written by one of the few attorney fee experts who works for attorneys prosecuting or attorneys defending claims of multi-million dollar cases, this book is equally applicable to the ordinary case in litigation, no matter what the size of the claimed fee.

Best Persuasive Presentation Tactics Book.

An easily followed guide to improving your speaking style, including the delivery of your opening statement. It is written for attorneys, by an attorney. Author Dempsey is a trial attorney, a partner in the Atlanta law firm of Coleman & Dempsey, and a professor of public speaking at Oglethorpe University. Highly recommended for those who want to spend some time seriously learning better methods of speaking to persuade others.

Best Book for Plaintiffs (Only) on Obtaining Personal Injury Damages.

For ten years David Ball has done a thorough job on explaining what motivates jurors to give larger amounts and what plaintiff's attorney should do in presenting and discussing damages. This latest edition (2011) is long enough to handle the subject, yet short enough for you to actually read the entire book.

We suggest that you read the reviews on Amazon, which will give you a quick look at the powerful ideas Ball presents.

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